1.date of occurrence of the event:2021/09/27
2.company name:elite electronic material (kunshan) co., ltd.
3.relationship to the company (please enter ”head office” or
4.reciprocal shareholding ratios:99.79%
5.cause of occurrence:
kuanshan city govement notified to temporarily shotdown the power supply for
industrial production from 12 noon on september 26 to 24:00 on september 30,
and the company cooperated with the shutdown to suspend the production.
1.during the period, the subsidiaries supply the finished products inventory
to the customers, also coordinate production with other plants within the
group,and the subsidiaries will arrange overtime production in the weekends
or national holidays, to meet the customer needs.
2.closely observe the follow-up development situation.
7.any other matters that need to be specified:
the 4 working days suspension has not yet caused a significant impact.