1.date of the board of directors resolution :2020/03/20
2.appropriations of earnings in cash dividends to shareholders (nt$
per share):6
3.cash distributed from legal reserve and capital surplus
to shareholders (nt$ per share):0.00
4.total amount of cash distributed to shareholders (nt$):1,918,248,384
5.appropriations of earnings in stock dividends to shareholders (nt$
per share):none
6.stock distributed from legal reserve and capital surplus
to shareholders (nt$ per share):none
7.total amount of stock distributed to shareholders (shares):none
8.any other matters that need to be specified:
in case of loss-making years, the company will not pay out the dividend for
consideration of industry growth development and the company’s sounding
financial structure. the company will treat the future development and the
financial conditions as the priority to balance the shareholders return
consideration. the company will take into account the capital expenditures
for reserving the cash required by paying out the stock dividends.
the remainder will be paid out to the shareholders in form of cash
dividend which will not be less than 20% of total dividends.

in case of profit-making years, the company will reserve the income taxes
expenses and making-up the losses of prior years from the current year’s
profits. then, the company will appropriate the 10% legal reserves and the
special reserves approved by the shareholders meeting, if any. the total
dividend payout should be 10 – 70% of the sum of profits after the
reserves and the retained earnings.

the board of directors will base on the business conditions to propose
the profits distribution and dividends payout for the ratification by
the shareholders meeting.