1.date of occurrence of the event:2019/11/28
2.company name:elite material co.,ltd.
3.relationship to the company (please enter ”head office” or
”subsidiaries”):head office
4.reciprocal shareholding ratios:not applicable
5.cause of occurrence:the company's stock agency, ”oriental security
corp. stock agency dept.” changed its address since 16 december,
2019 (monday). the updated address and contact are as follows:
(1)address: 13f., no. 16, xinzhan rd., banqiao dist., new taipei city
(2)telephone: 02-7753-1699
(3)fax: 02-7753-1654
6.countermeasures:from the date of 16 december, 2019 (monday),
shareholders of the company for any security affairs such as stock
settlement, stock and cash dividends, address update, lost announcement,
setting and cancelling pledges, stamps update or any other operations related
to stock agent, please visit or mail to the updated address,
”13f., no. 16, xinzhan rd., banqiao dist., new taipei city”.
7.any other matters that need to be specified:none