1.date of the resolution by the board of directors or shareholders' meeting
or decision by the company:2019/08/01
2.type of ex-rights or ex-dividend (please enter: “ex-rights”,
”ex-dividend”, or ”ex-rights and dividend”):ex-dividend
3.type and monetary amount of dividend distribution:total cash amount of
nt$1,214,679,340, or equivalent to nt$3.8 per common share
4.ex-rights (ex-dividend) trading date:2019/08/29
5.last date before book closure:2019/09/01
6.book closure starting date:2019/09/02
7.book closure ending date:2019/09/06
8.ex-rights (ex-dividend) record date:2019/09/06
9.any other matters that need to be specified:
the cash dividend per share resolved by the 2019 annual general
shareholders’ meeting is nt$3.80 per common share. should the
company subsequently repurchase its common shares or issue new
common shares, the total number of common shares outstanding may
change, and the ultimate cash to be distributed to each common share
may need to be adjusted accordingly. the aforesaid agm has resolved
to authorize the chairman of the board to adjust the cash to be
distributed to each common share, based on the total amount of profits
resolved to be distributed and the number of actual common shares
outstanding on the record date for distribution.