1.date of occurrence of the change:2019/06/10

2.name of the functional committees:remuneration committee

3.name and resume of the replaced member: yeh, chia hsiu / independent directors / ceo of uniplus technology corp. sheng, bing / independent directors / director of ctci corporation chen, xiang sheng / independent directors / vice president of chin-poon industrial co., ltd.

4.name and resume of the new member: sheng, bing / independent directors / director of ctci corporation cheng, duen chian / independent directors / chairman of tgvest capital co., ltd. tsai, rong dong / independent directors / director of golden circuits electronics ltd.

5.type of the change (please enter: “resignation”, “discharge”, “tenure expired” , “death” or “new appointment”):tenure expired

6.reason of the change:tenure expired and new members being elected 7.original term (from __________ to __________): from 25th june 2016 to 24th june 2019

8.effective date of the new member:10th june 2019

9.any other matters that need to be specified: the newly-elected members will serve a term of three years, beginning from 10th june 2019 till the next term of members being elected and appointed.