subject resolutions of annual general shareholders’
meeting held on 14 june 2018
statement 1.date of the shareholders' meeting:2018/06/14
2.important resolutions (1)profit distribution/deficit
compensation:resolved to accept the proposal of 2017 profit allocation
3.important resolutions (2)amendments of the corporate charter:none
4.important resolutions (3)business report and financial
statements:resolved to accept the business report and financial statements of year 2017
5.important resolutions (4)elections of board of directors and
6.important resolutions (5)other proposals:
resolved to approve the amendments of company bylaw
“procedures of capital lending to others”
7.any other matters that need to be specified:
should the company subsequently repurchase its common shares, issue new shares for the conversion of convertible bonds, or issue new common shares according to article 28-2 of the roc securities and exchange law and other relevant regulations, the total number of common shares outstanding may change,and the ultimate cash to be distributed to each common share may need to be adjusted accordingly. it is resolved that the chairman of emc be authorized to adjust the cash to be distributed to each common share, based
on the total amount of profits resolved to be distributed and the number of actual common shares outstanding on the record date for distribution.