subject the board of directors resolves distribution of 2017 profits

1.date of the board of directors resolution :2018/03/20
2.appropriations of earnings in cash dividends to shareholders (nt$per share):4.80
3.cash distributed from legal reserve and capital surplus to shareholders (nt$ per share):0.00
4.total amount of cash distributed to shareholders (nt$):1,534,331,798
5.appropriations of earnings in stock dividends to shareholders (nt$per share):none
6.stock distributed from legal reserve and capital surplus
to shareholders (nt$ per share):none
7.total amount of stock distributed to shareholders (shares):none
8.any other matters that need to be specified:
dividend policy under the articles of incorporation: apart from paying all its income taxes in the case where there are profits for the current year, making up for accumulated losses in past years, and deducting legal reserve and special reserve required by law, the company may distribute to the shareholders the remainder together with undistributed profits from previous years. the total amount distributed shall be more than 10% and less than 70% of the total distributable earnings. the distribution of shareholders’ dividend shall take into consideration the changes in the outlook for the company's businesses, the lifespan of the various products or services that have an impact on future capital
needs and taxation. shareholders’ dividend shall be distributed aimed at maintaining the stability of shareholders’ dividend distributions, savings for the purposes of improving the financial structure, reinvestments, production expansion or other capital expenditures in which capital is required. during years when loss occurs,the company may choose not to pay dividends. when distributing shareholders’dividend, the cash dividend is not less than 20% of the shareholders’dividend distributed in the same year.

after considering the changes in business environment, the board of directors of the company may change the proposal of earnings distribution,and pay dividends after receiving approval by resolution of the shareholders’meeting.