employee benefits

in order to become an excellent and sustainable enterprise, emc upholds the people-oriented principle and is committed to providing employees with a remuneration system that is superior to that of peers. the company strives to improve employee benefits, cares about employees’ physical and mental health and quality of life, and aims to create a friendly work environment that demonstrates gender equality, multicultural integration and multi-generational composition. the company develops various systems for employees’ safety and provides employees with retirement benefits (labor pension) and labor insurance & health insurance as well as complete educational training and incentive compensation in accordance with the laws. the relevant remuneration policies are as follows:

  • employees’ remuneration and year-end bonus are given based on the achievement rate of annual business goals.
  • management bonuses are offered for management cadres based on the achievement rate of annual business goals and employees’ performance achievements.
  • monthly performance bonus is given based on performance achievements.
  • provide labor insurance, national health insurance and employee group insurance (term insurance, accident insurance and medical & occupational accident insurance)
  • conduct regular health checks for employees.
  • provide various employee training courses and hold reading workshops on a regular basis.
  • offer healthy, nutritious and delicious free meals for lunch and dinner.
  • free employee uniforms
  • provide parking for motorbikes (free) and parking for cars
  • provide dormitories
  • year-end banquets

employees’ further education and training

emc has formulated “educational training operating procedures” as guidelines and basis for the implementation of employees’ educational training, which aim at enriching employees’ knowledge and skills through educational training so as to improve work efficiency and quality. besides, human resources are effectively utilized and explored to facilitate the integration of employee growth and corporate development goals. the company invests sufficient resources in different stages of employee training starting from the training for new employees and then various training programs such as on-the-job training and self-study programs, etc. for the achievement of best effectiveness. the “directions for employee training subsidies” are also stipulated to encourage employees to continuously improve themselves and keep progressing.

comprehensive employee health management

emc is “people-oriented” and always attaches great importance to the health and safety of personnel. with respect to employee health management, besides providing health checks and graded health management in accordance with laws and regulations, nurses are appointed in plant areas and on-site services offered by occupational health specialists are arranged on a monthly basis to provide employees with work-related health consultations, medical guidance and improvement suggestions as well as follow-up attention to the improvement status after health checks. maternal health protection programs are promoted for female employees to protect the health of pregnant or postnatal employees, which include the provision of breastfeeding (breast milk collection) room, relevant health guidance and health education/consultation as well as assessments in relation to hazardous risks in operations, health status and fitness-for-work assessment.