in the bod meeting held on march 20, 2020, the company has resolved to appoint director phobe chang as the company’s corporate governance officer to protect the rights and interests of shareholders and strengthen the functions of the board of directors. director zhang liqiu has more than three years of experience in financial management function of public companies.


the main responsibilities of corporate governance officer are as follows:

1. handle company registration and change of registration.

2. handle related matters of the board of directors and the shareholders meeting in accordance with the laws and regulations, and assist the company to comply with the related laws and regulations of the board of directors and the shareholders meeting.

3. prepare the meeting minutes of the board of directors meetings and shareholders meetings, respectively.

4. provide necessary information for the board directors and audit committees as well as the latest laws and regulations related to company operations in order to assist them in complying with laws and regulations.

5. matters related to investor relations.

6. other matters stipulated in accordance with the company’s articles of association or contracts.


the highlights of activities in 2020 are as follows:

  • convened 6 bod and 6 audit committees meetings in 2020 and provided meeting materials to all directors.
  • responsible for publishing announcements of material information with regard to major resolutions made on the day of the board of directors and shareholders meeting.
  • the annual general shareholders meeting was completed on june 18, 2020.
  • the registration of corporate cb conversion and change of registration was completed in august and november, 2020, respectively.
  • evaluated the “board directors and officers liability insurance” policies, and completed the purchase on december 21, 2020. has reported the contents of the insurance policy to the board of directors.
  • provided board directors related training information from time to time. reminded all board directors to complete the 6-hour training courses, and reported the completion in accordance with the stipulated hours specified in “board directions for the implementation of continuing education for board directors and supervisors of listed companies”.

record of training courses in 2020

date sponsors name of course hours
2020/6/12 securities & futures institute responsibilities of board directors and supervisors from case study in the securities market 3

securities & futures institute

the new version of rules for the corporate governance and the board of directors exercising the powers 3

the institute of internal auditors, taiwan

the functions and tasks of corporate governance personnel under the corporate governance blueprint 6

taiwan corporate governance association

the general trends of csr and sustainable governance 3

corporate governance professionals association

2020 seminar on legal system for substantive beneficiaries 3

securities & futures institute

seminar of the human resources integration issues in the process of enterprise m&a 3

taiwan corporate governance association

trends and challenges of information security governance 3