life at emc

attractive compensation and benefits package

  • competitive compensation.
  • extensive benefits.
  • profit sharing.
  • annual performance-based bonus plan.
  • subsidies for:
  • childbirth
  • injury
  • hospitalization
  • emergency
  • weddings
  • funerals
  • birthday
  • additional bonus for three holidays (mid‐autumn festival, dragon boat festival, year‐end) and labor day.
  • comfortable, safe, and friendly working environment.
  • adequate parking spaces.
  • employees receive free lunches.
  • cafeteria is a clean and hygienic environment.
  • nutritious food with many choices.
  • flexible schedule for personal vacations.
  • year-end party activities.
  • diversified club activities.
  • merchandise offerings at the appointed stores.
  • health care seminars and events.


attractive compensation and benefits package

  • labor-management meeting.
  • employee welfare committee.
  • life suggestion box.
  • sexual harassment complaint mailbox.
  • illegal infringement complaint mailbox.

learning and development at emc

  • there are two types of training courses at emc: external training and internal training. after completion of training, employees complete feedback forms and give input about their experience.
  • in addition to fully implementing various training programs, the company also combines the training requirement and the promotion criteria. the training results are used as a reference for evaluation of potential promotion or rotation.
  • in year 2020, internal and external training courses totaled 17,499 hours, and on average each employee received 18 hours of training courses to enhance his/her professional knowledge and competence.


training programs

emc arranges a variety of training programs with multi-element learning and streamlined training tools.

  • new employees: on their first day, are introduced to their mentors and a solid orientation course that includes introduction to emc’s philosophy and policies, along with a well-designed training program. the program helps new employees to quickly familiarize themselves with the working environment and gain an understanding of the job requirements.
  • current employees: flexible training programs are available including on-the-job training, internal training, external training, online learning, and self-learning courses. the on-the-job training courses include working skills, research & development, and quality control.
  • rotation: according to the needs of organizational development, emc cultivates high-quality talents in an organized manner. we provide opportunities such as expatriate assignments, overseas rotations, and key project management. through rotation and cross-field learning, emc develops employees’ macro-business vision and global connections.

becoming an emc member!

persevering with the business philosophy “strive for excellence” for decades, we have become one of the leading suppliers of ccl materials in the global printed circuit boards (pcbs) industry. in the greater china region, emc has over 3,000 employees. we all share the same value of “responsibility, teamwork and value-creation”. every one of us is proactive and highly motivated to provide the best products and services to our customers. thanks to the devotion of our employees, the emc brand has become recognized as the leading producer of environmental friendly “green” laminate in the world.

we believe an attractive compensation package is the best way to motivate our employees. moreover, we offer additional employee benefits, including health check-up, group insurance, and subsidies for vacation travelling. in addition, we ensure a safe working environment for the employees. great training programs are designed and provided at emc. there are great opportunities for your talent to grow and advance at emc!

if you share the same philosophy and value with emc, we welcome you to join our team. for available job openings, please visit the “” website and submit your resume on-line. we will respond as soon as possible.

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